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Institute for the Study of Business Markets 2010 Business Marketing Doctoral Support Award Competition; Abstract deadline 15 Sep

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ISBM’s 2010 Business Marketing Doctoral Support Award Competition

Penn State’s Institute for the Study of Business Markets announces its twentieth annual Business Marketing Doctoral Support Award Competition. Up to three candidates in accredited doctoral programs will receive dissertation support awards. Dissertations in any area of Business-to-Business (industrial) marketing or in any of the methodological areas that support advances in business marketing will be considered. See “Research Priorities” under the ISBM Research section of the ISBM website for more information.

In addition to applications from PhD students in marketing, we encourage applications from students in economics, management science, organizational psychology, statistics, anthropology and other disciplines whose developments help advance our understanding of the operation of the business marketplace.

The award consists of:

  • Up to $7,500 in financial assistance to be used for travel, conference attendance, data collection, and other expenses of conducting and presenting the results of the research.
  • Assistance, as needed, in gaining the cooperation of both ISBM member and non-member firms for data, interviews, etc.
  • Use of databases held by or accessible to the ISBM, as needed.

The outstanding submission, if awarded, will receive the ISBM Dissertation Proposal Prize, an additional award of $2,500.

Submission Information:

PhD candidates interested in the competition should submit an abstract of their research not to exceed five double-spaced pages, along with a current vita and a vita of their dissertation advisor. The abstract should address the potential importance of their work to business marketing practice, its theoretical contributions, the research methodology, and the amount and kind of support requested. The abstract must be submitted by email no later than 15 September 2010. An email will be sent confirming receipt of your abstract.

Proposals will be judged by an academic panel, consisting of representatives of the ISBM and qualified faculty members from other universities. Finalists will be notified by 11 October 2010. Final proposals not to exceed 15 double-spaced pages are due on 15 November. Winners will be announced by 1 February 2011.

Any pages of the abstract and/or proposal (not including reference pages) exceeding the page limits will not be considered in the review process. Request samples of abstracts or proposals by sending an email to

Instructions on submission requirements as well as more information about the ISBM and the competition may be found on the ISBM website under the ISBM Research/Awards Competition link. Entries should be sent, following the instructions on the website, to