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Journal of Business Ethics, 95(3)

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Journal of Business Ethics 

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Trust in Companies and in CEOs: A Comparative Study of the Main Influences
Diana Ingenhoff & Katharina Sommer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling Corporate Citizenship and Its Relationship with Organizational Citizenship Behaviors
Chieh-Peng Lin, Nyan-Myau Lyau, Yuan-Hui Tsai, Wen-Yung Chen & Chou-Kang Chiu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relational Consequences of Perceived Deception in Online Shopping: The Moderating Roles of Type of Product, Consumer’s Attitude Toward the Internet and Consumer’s Demographics
Sergio Román [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating the Effects of Gender on Consumers’ Moral Philosophies and Ethical Intentions
Connie R. Bateman & Sean R. Valentine [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

UN Principles for Responsible Investment Signatories and the Anti-Apartheid SRI Movement: A Thought Experiment
Neil Stuart Eccles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trust and Stakeholder Theory: Trustworthiness in the Organisation–Stakeholder Relationship
Michelle Greenwood & Harry J. Buren III [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purchasing Ethics and Inter-Organizational Buyer–Supplier Relational Determinants: A Conceptual Framework
Amit Saini [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Performance: The Mediating Effect of Industrial Brand Equity and Corporate Reputation
Chi-Shiun Lai, Chih-Jen Chiu, Chin-Fang Yang & Da-Chang Pai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mainstreaming Green Product Innovation: Why and How Companies Integrate Environmental Sustainability
Rosa Maria Dangelico & Devashish Pujari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Corporate Transparency and Green Management
Antonino Vaccaro & Dalia Patiño Echeverri [Publisher] [Google Scholar]