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International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 20(4)

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Intl Rev of Retail, Dist and Consumer Res 

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Evaluating the role of electronic commerce in transforming the retail sector
Neil F. Doherty; Fiona Ellis-Chadwick [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Competition online and the preference ordering of offers
Chris Kirkbride; Didier Soopramanien [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does the online channel pay? A comparison of online versus offline information search on physical store spend
Sean Sands; Carla Ferraro; Sandra Luxton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents of internet shopping intentions and the moderating effects of substitutability
Charles Dennis; Chanaka Jayawardhena; Eleni-Konstantina Papamatthaiou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Causes and consequences of ‘order online pick up in-store’ shopping behavior
Patrali Chatterjee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Adoption of dynamic product imagery for online shopping: does age matter?
Jiyeon Kim; Sandra Forsythe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]