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Using Field Experiments in Economics and Management, Special issue of Journal of Economics and Management, Chair Guest Editor John List; Deadline 1 Nov 2010

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Journal of Management & Economics

Special Issue on Using Field Experiments in Economics and Management

Recent years have seen an enormous increase and interest in research utilizing experimental methods in the field to address both positive and normative issues in economics and management. The special issue on Using Field Experiments in Economics and Management aims to collect high quality and innovative work utilizing these methods that addresses questions in economics, management and related areas.

Papers utilizing experimental methods from the field from economics, management and related areas such as accounting, finance and the psychology of decision-making are welcome, including but not limited to:

Natural field experiments in which subjects are observed in their naturally occurring environments.

Framed field experiments that are identical to laboratory experiments but with field context in either the commodity, task or information set that subjects use.

Papers reporting findings from laboratory experiments utilizing non-standard subject pools.

Only papers utilizing experimental methods in the field will be considered. The papers will be evaluated on the applicability to broad topics of relevance in economics, management, and related fields, the quality of the work, and the significance of the research.

Chair Guest Editor: John List (, University of Chicago, US)

Guest Editors: Michael Price (, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, US) and Anya Savikhin (, University of Chicago, US)

Managing Editors: Cathy W. S. Chen (Feng Chia University, Taiwan) and S. W. Hu (Feng Chia University, Taiwan)

Guest Associate Editors: Arch Woodside (Boston College, US) and Y. H. Ho (Feng Chia University, Taiwan)