Product and Brand Management


Suresh Paul Antony seeks insights and views on how to teach an elective course on Product and Brand Management

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We plan to offer an elective course on ‘Product and Brand Management’ at the MBA-level. We seek insights and views from the community on the course [pedagogy, contents, readings, and textbooks], outlined in brief here. I am teaching this course for the first time. Thank you very much for your time and patience.

I. The organisational perspective

1. Introduction to product management decision-making

II. Opportunity identification and strategic planning

2. Product policy decisions
3. Product / Brand portfolio analysis
4. New product idea generation and screening

III. Differentiation, positioning and branding decisions

5. Brand Awareness and Consumer Brand Knowledge
6. Brand Identity, Personality and Associations
7. Brand Architecture
8. Corporate Branding
9. Positioning Brief

IV. Technical development and testing

10. Concept testing
11. Brand names
12. Product use testing

V. Marketing development and testing

13. Packaging decisions
14. Test marketing
15. Simulated test markets [ASSESSOR & BASES]

VI. Commercialisation / launch

16. Pre-launch and launch management
17. Product recalls
18. Brand Equity [Building, Leveraging & Measuring]


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