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Research Policy, 39(8)

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Research Policy 

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Technology policy and global warming: Why new policy models are needed (or why putting new wine in old bottles won’t work)
David C. Mowery, Richard R. Nelson, Ben R. Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technology policy and global warming: Why new innovation models are needed
Andrew Hargadon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An energy system transformation: Framing research choices for the climate challenge
Mark Huberty, John Zysman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comment on Mowery, Nelson and Martin
Charles Perrow [Publisher]

A response to our commentators
David C. Mowery, Richard R. Nelson, Ben R. Martin [Publisher]

Proliferation dynamics in new sciences
Andrea Bonaccorsi, Juan Vargas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The technological origins of radical inventions
Wilfred Schoenmakers, Geert Duysters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inside or outside the IP system? Business creation in academia?
Riccardo Fini, Nicola Lacetera, Scott Shane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The internationalization of inventive activity: A gravity model using patent data?
Lucio Picci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cooperation in innovation activities: The importance of partners
Pedro de Faria, Francisco Lima, Rui Santos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of owner identity and external governance systems on R&D investments: A study of Western European firms
Federico Munari, Raffaele Oriani, Maurizio Sobrero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do high technology acquirers become more innovative?
Panos Desyllas, Alan Hughes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Economic perspectives on the development of complex products for increasingly demanding customers
Peter E. Earl, Tim Wakeley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]