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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 17(5)

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Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 

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Emotional loyalty and share of wallet: A contingency approach
Hye-Young Kim, Min-Young Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Product difficulty incongruity and consumer evaluations of brand extensions
Yeqing Bao, Shibin Sheng, Innocent Nkwocha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Buyers-to-shoppers ratio of shopping malls: A probit study in Hong Kong
Chung Yim Yiu, Hing Cheong Ng [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A cross-cultural study of the perceived benefits of a retailer loyalty scheme in Asia
Peter Steyn, Leyland Pitt, Arien Strasheim, Christo Boshoff, Russell Abratt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A cross-category investigation into the effects of nine-ending pricing on brand choice
Paul-Valentin Ngobo, Patrick Legohérel, Nicolas Guéguen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demand forecast information sharing in the competitive online and traditional retailers
Ruiliang Yan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exploring customers’ store loyalty using the means-end chain approach
Wan-I Lee, Chih-Yuan Chang, Yu-Lun Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of ideal image congruence and organizational commitment on employee intention to leave?
Jennifer Yurchisin, Jihye Park, Matthew O’Brien [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards a hierarchical theory of shopping motivation
Tillmann Wagner, Thomas Rudolph [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Channel integration and profit sharing in the dynamics of multi-channel firms
Ruiliang Yan, John Wang, Bin Zhou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Fact or artifact? Empirical evidence on the robustness of compromise effects in binding and non-binding choice contexts”
Holger Müller, Eike Benjamin Kroll, Bodo Vogt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]