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Journal of Business and Psychology, 25(3)

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Journal of Business and Psychology 

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What Reviewers Should Expect from Authors Regarding Common Method Bias in Organizational Research
James M. Conway & Charles E. Lance [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Response Rates in Organizational Science, 1995–2008: A Meta-analytic Review and Guidelines for Survey Researchers
Frederik Anseel, Filip Lievens, Eveline Schollaert & Beata Choragwicka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sequential and Combined Effects of Recruitment Information on Applicant Reactions
Alan M. Saks & Krista L. Uggerslev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leadership = Communication? The Relations of Leaders’ Communication Styles with Leadership Styles, Knowledge Sharing and Leadership Outcomes
Reinout E. Vries, Angelique Bakker-Pieper & Wyneke Oostenveld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Meta-Analytic Review of the Consequences Associated with Work–Family Enrichment
Laurel A. McNall, Jessica M. Nicklin & Aline D. Masuda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unrealistic Optimism: Still a Neglected Trait
Marta P. Coelho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Flight from Unfairness: Effects of Perceived Injustice on Emotional Exhaustion and Employee Withdrawal
Larry W. Howard & Cynthia L. Cordes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Moderating Effects of Self-Regulatory Focus on Source–Content Incongruity
Chung-Chau Chang & Bo-Chi Lin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Retail Store Image Attractiveness and Self-Evaluated Job Performance on Employee Retention
Jennifer Yurchisin & Jihye Park [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trait Entitlement and Perceived Favorability of Human Resource Management Practices in the Prediction of Job Satisfaction
Zinta S. Byrne, Brian K. Miller & Virginia E. Pitts [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rater Personality and Performance Dimension Weighting in Making Overall Performance Judgments
Babatunde Ogunfowora, Joshua Bourdage & Kibeom Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Examining the Mechanisms Linking Transformational Leadership, Employee Customer Orientation, and Service Performance: The Mediating Roles of Perceived Supervisor and Coworker Support
Yuann-Jun Liaw, Nai-Wen Chi & Aichia Chuang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Applying Recommendations from the Literature on Stereotype Threat: Two Field Studies
Jennifer Z. Gillespie, Patrick D. Converse & S. David Kriska [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Alignment of Measures and Constructs in Organizational Research: The Case of Testing Measurement Models of Creativity
Diane M. Sullivan & Cameron M. Ford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Benefit Information and Demographics Influence Employee Recruiting in Mexico
María Fernanda García, Richard A. Posthuma & Manuel Quiñones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Resistance to Socialization into Organizational Corruption: A Model of Deontic Justice
Constant D. Beugré [Publisher] [Google Scholar]