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Journal of Business Ethics, 95(2)

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Journal of Business Ethics 

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The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex is Circumstantially Unethical
Edmund F. Byrne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stakeholder Perceptions of Offshoring and Outsourcing: The Role of Embedded Issues
Christopher J. Robertson, Anna Lamin & Grigorios Livanis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trust and Fairness During Strategic Change Processes in Franchise Systems
Evelien Croonen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Relationship Between Spiritual Well-Being and Ethical Orientations in Decision Making: An Empirical Study with Business Executives in Australia
Mario Fernando & Rafi M. M. I. Chowdhury [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Business Ethics Journal Rankings as Perceived by Business Ethics Scholars
Chad Albrecht, Jeffery A. Thompson, Jeffrey L. Hoopes & Pablo Rodrigo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Monitoring the Ethical Use of Sales Technology: An Exploratory Field Investigation
Victoria Bush, Alan J. Bush & Linda Orr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Influence of Personality Traits and Demographic Factors on Social Entrepreneurship Start Up Intentions
Joyce Koe Hwee Nga & Gomathi Shamuganathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutional Normativity and the Evolution of Morals: A Behavioural Approach to Ethics
Mark Peacock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Suits Meet Roots: The Antecedents and Consequences of Community Engagement Strategy
Frances Bowen, Aloysius Newenham-Kahindi & Irene Herremans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Religiosity in Stress, Job Attitudes, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Eugene J. Kutcher, Jennifer D. Bragger, Ofelia Rodriguez-Srednicki & Jamie L. Masco [Publisher] [Google Scholar]