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Tourism and Hospitality Research, 10(3)

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Tourism and Hospitality Research 

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Effect of destination image on attendance at team sporting events
Leon J Mohan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Predict US restaurant firm failures: The artificial neural network model versus logistic regression model
Hyewon Youn and Zheng Gu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Patterns of inflight alcohol consumption: A study of British holiday makers
Panos Georgiou, Novie Johan and Peter Jones [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hotel restaurant dining: The relationship between perceived value and intention to purchase
Ann Suwaree Ashton, Noel Scott, David Solnet and Noreen Breakey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An empirical study on relative income determination of tourism industries with social accounting matrix of Jiangsu Province, China in 2002
Jie Li and Chuanpeng Lian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Demand indicators for adventure tourism packages in Costa Rica: An exploratory analysis
Daniel Villalobos-Cespedes, Emilio Galdeano-Gomez and Alfredo Tolon-Becerra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sharia-compliant hotels
Joan C Henderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]