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Management Science, 56(7)

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Management Science 

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Management Insights
Michael F. Gorman [Publisher]

Is Noise Trading Cancelled Out by Aggregation?
Hongjun Yan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

eBay’s Crowded Evenings: Competition Neglect in Market Entry Decisions
Uri Simonsohn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Vertically Differentiated Simultaneous Vickrey Auctions: Theory and Experimental Evidence
Ravi Bapna, Chrysanthos Dellarocas, and Sarah Rice [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Staffing Call Centers with Uncertain Demand Forecasts: A Chance-Constrained Optimization Approach
Itai Gurvich, James Luedtke, and Tolga Tezcan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Workplace Peers and Entrepreneurship
Ramana Nanda and Jesper B. Sorensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficient Structures for Innovative Social Networks
William S. Lovejoy and Amitabh Sinha [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Detecting Management Fraud in Public Companies
Mark Cecchini, Haldun Aytug, Gary J. Koehler, and Praveen Pathak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Why Are Bad Products So Hard to Kill?
Duncan Simester and Juanjuan Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Structural Estimation of the Effect of Out-of-Stocks
Andres Musalem, Marcelo Olivares, Eric T. Bradlow, Christian Terwiesch, and Daniel Corsten [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Is Regime Switching in Stock Returns Important in Portfolio Decisions?
Jun Tu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]