TOC: J Global Acad Mar Sci


Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science, 20(2)

Journal of Global Academy of Marketing Science, Vol.20 No.2



· Organizational Buying Behavior in an Interdependent World (Yoram Wind, Robert J. Thomas)

· Investigating the Moderating Impact of Hedonism on Online Consumer Behavior (Ebrahim Mazaheri, Marie-Odile Richard, Michel Laroche)



GUEST EDITOR: Arch Woodside (Boston College) and Junyean Moon (Hanyang University, ERICA Campus)


· The Impact of Collective Guilt on the Preference for Japanese Products (Amro A. Maher, Anusorn Singhapakdi, Hyun-Soo Park, Seigyoung Auh)

· The Effects of Price Salience on Consumer Perception and Purchase Intentions (David Martin-Consuegea, Angel Millan, Estrella Diaz, Eunju Ko)

· It Doesn’t Taste the Same from Someone Else’s Plate: The Influence of Culture in Interpersonal RetailService Evaluations (Nathalie Spielmann, Juran Kim)

· International Success the Second Time Around: A Case Study (Mary Catherine Colley, Brandie Gatlin)

· Media Habits of Sensation Seekers (Alisha Blakeney, Casey Findley, Donald R. Self, Rhea Ingram, Tony Garrett)

· Assessing the Damage: An Exploratory Examination of Electronic Word of Mouth (Venessa Martin Funches, William Foxx, Eun Joo Park, Eun Young Kim)

· Seeking a Better Place: Sustainability in the CPG Industry (Molly Inhofe Rapert, Christopher Newman, Seong-Yeon Park, Eun Mi Lee)



· Surrogate Internet Shopping Malls: The Effects of Consumers’ Perceived Risk and Product Evaluations on Country-of-Buying-Origin Image (Hyunjoung Lee, Sohyoun Shin, Sanguk Kim)

· The Effect of Common Features on Consumer Preference for a No-Choice Option: The Moderating Role of Regulatory Focus (Weiwei Jia, Saebum Kim)