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International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 14(4)

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International Journal of Electronic Commerce 

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Editor’s Introduction
Vladimir Zwass, Editor-in-Chief [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Vickrey vs. eBay: Why Second-Price Sealed-Bid Auctions Lead to More Realistic Price-Demand Functions
Christian Barrot, Sönke Albers, Bernd Skiera, et al. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On-Line Auctions with Buy-It-Now Pricing: A Practical Design Model and Experimental Evaluation
Roumen Vragov, Richard Di Shang, Karl R. Lang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can Market Knowledge from Intermediaries Increase Sellers’ Performance in On-Line Marketplaces?
Jooryang Lee, Jai-Yeol Son, Kil-Soo Suh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can the Media Richness of a Privacy Disclosure Enhance Outcome? A Multifaceted View of Trust in Rich Media Environments
Muhammad Aljukhadar, Sylvain Senecal, Denis Ouellette [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effect of Recovery Efforts on Consumer Trust and Loyalty in E-Tail: A Contingency Model
Cristiane Pizzutti, Daniel Fernandes [Publisher] [Google Scholar]