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Young Consumers, 11(2)

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Young Consumers 

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The construction of fun in food advertisements targeting children
Simona De Iulio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Child consumption of fun food: between deviating practice and re-appropriating food-use
Louis Mathiot [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How can food become fun? Exploring and testing possibilities …
Valerie-Inès de la Ville, Gilles Brougère, Nathalie Boireau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A history of candy and of food culture in western children: sixteenth century to the present
Michel Manson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From fun foods to fun stores
Sandrine Barrey, Mathieu Baudrin, Franck Cochoy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Education and pleasure: the paradox of food consumption
Emilie Salvat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]