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Strategy & Leadership, 38(4)

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Strategy & Leadership 

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Think disruptive! How to manage in a new era of innovation
Brian Leavy, John Sterling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A leader’s guide to radical management of continuous innovation
Stephen Denning [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When and how to innovate your business model
Edward Giesen, Eric Riddleberger, Richard Christner, Ragna Bell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In this recession’s aftermath, CEOs face unique threats and opportunities
Robert J. Allio [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A system for continuous organizational renewal
Oliver Sparrow, Gill Ringland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A portfolio strategy for locating operations in the new “multi-polar world”
Tim Cooper, Mark Purdy, Mark Foster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social networks in the workplace: the risk and opportunity of Business 2.0
Daniel Burrus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]