Web 2.0 PhD Course


Social Media Marketing ? Web 2.0, PhD course taught by Robert Kozinets and Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe, Bergen, 23-27 Aug 2010

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PhD course – announcement
Social Media Marketing– Web 2.0
Intensive course August 23 -27th, 2010
Bergen, Norway
Course responsible
Professor Robert Kozinets, Schulich School of Management, York University, Toronto

Associate Professor Ingeborg Astrid Kleppe, NHH-Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration. Click below for a

link to course information.

Who can participate?

Students enrolled in a PhD-program are welcome. No course fee.

Contact persons

njal.sivertstol@nhh.no and ingeborg.kleppe@nhh.no

Objective/ course outline

Online communities, social networking sites, blogging, and other interactive uses of information technology are changing the way people communicate and understand their world. Social media is changing society, and changing the nature of marketing.

An understanding of online communities and online WOM are critical for the marketers of today and tomorrow, who are trying to be heard in a mediascape cluttered with advertisements and drenched in consumer distrust. Companies are trying to discover how to speak to consumers in a way that is more authentic, and social media marketing are being tried as an alternative to traditional marketing tactics. But how should it best be used? What are the rules for success? It’s all brand new and uncertain.

The purpose of this course is to introduce PhD students to research in social media marketing and social media marketing research. In several classroom discussions led by the professor, students will learn about the theories and practices that inform this new set of marketing techniques, and will study actual and ongoing social media marketing campaigns.

Specific topics include:

  • Terminology issues: distinguishing the different types of social media and social media marketing campaigns
  • Similarities and differences between new and traditional media, and between organic and amplified WOM
  • Overview of useful theories about social media and word-of-mouth
  • How networks of social influence work
  • Marketing Metrics: Tracking online and offline word-of-mouth and influence
  • Building social media marketing into strategy and tactics
  • Ethical aspects and codes of the industry