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Academy of Management Review, 35(3)

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Academy of Management Review 

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Editor’s Comments: Construct Clarity in Theories of Management and Organization
Roy Suddaby, Associate Editor [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What About the Leader in Leader-Member Exchange? The Impact of Resource Exchanges and Substitutability on the Leader
Kelly Schwind Wilson, Hock-Peng Sin, Donald E. Conlon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chutes Versus Ladders: Anchoring Events and a Punctuated-Equilibrium Perspective on Social Exchange Relationships
Gary A. Ballinger, Kevin W. Rockmann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unpacking Generational Identities in Organizations
Aparna Joshi, John C. Dencker, Gentz Franz, et al. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Integrating Modernist and Postmodernist Perspectives on Organizations: A Complexity Science Bridge
Max Boisot Esade, Bill Mckelvey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Networking Abroad: A Process Model of How Expatriates Form Support Ties to Facilitate Adjustment
Crystal I. C. Farh, Kathryn M. Bartol, Debra L. Shapiro, et al. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Worlds Collide: The Internal Dynamics of Organizational Responses to Conflicting Institutional Demands
Anne-Claire Pache, Filipe Santos [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spreading the Word: The Role of Surrogates in Charismatic Leadership Processes
Benjamin M. Galvin, Prasad Balkundi, David A. Waldman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]