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Multivariate Behavioral Research, 45(3)

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Multivariate Behavioral Research 

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Incorporating Student Mobility in Achievement Growth Modeling: A Cross-Classified Multiple Membership Growth Curve Model
Matthew W. Grady; S. Natasha Beretvas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sensitivity of Fit Indices to Misspecification in Growth Curve Models
Wei Wu; Stephen G. West [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bootstrap Standard Error Estimates in Dynamic Factor Analysis
Guangjian Zhang; Michael W. Browne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the Misconception of Multicollinearity in Detection of Moderating Effects: Multicollinearity Is Not Always Detrimental
Gwowen Shieh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using a Multivariate Multilevel Polytomous Item Response Theory Model to Study Parallel Processes of Change: The Dynamic Association Between Adolescents’ Social Isolation and Engagement With Delinquent Peers in the National Youth Survey
Chueh-An Hsieh; Alexander A. von Eye; Kimberly S. Maier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reporting Diagnostic Scores in Educational Testing: Temptations, Pitfalls, and Some Solutions
Sandip Sinharay; Gautam Puhan; Shelby J. Haberman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigation of Multiple Imputation in Low-Quality Questionnaire Data
Joost R. Van Ginkel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]