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Journal of Customer Behaviour, 9(3)

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Journal of Customer Behaviour 

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Religion, religiosity, and South Korean consumer switching behaviors
Youngtae Choi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An application of terror management theory in the design of social and health-related anti-smoking appeals
Ingrid M. Martin, Michael A. Kamins [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Food for thought: the effect of counterfactual thinking on the use of nutrition information
Khaled Aboulnasr, Anu Sivaraman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer product evaluation based on tactile sensory information
Alain d’Astous, Estelle Kamau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Boycott or buycott? Understanding political consumerism
Lisa A. Neilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Too cheap to chug: frugality as a buffer against college-student drinking
Paul Rose, Shannon Toney Smith, Daniel J. Segrist [Publisher] [Google Scholar]