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International Journal of Research in Marketing 27(2)

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International Journal of Research in Marketing 

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Innovation diffusion and new product growth models: A critical review and research directions
Renana Peres, Eitan Muller, Vijay Mahajan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Lexus or the olive tree? Trading off between global convergence and local divergence
Koert van Ittersum, Nancy Wong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Unfolding large-scale marketing data
Ying Ho, Yuho Chung, Kin-nam Lau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Better think before agreeing twice. Mere agreement: A similarity-based persuasion mechanism
Mario Pandelaere, Barbara Briers, Siegfried Dewitte, Luk Warlop [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multi-channel price differentiation: An empirical investigation of existence and causes
Agnieszka Wolk, Christine Ebling [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dimensions of fit between a brand and a social cause and their influence on attitudes
Srdan Zdravkovic, Peter Magnusson, Sarah M. Stanley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing competition in the 21st century
Oliver Heil, Don Lehmann, Stefan Stremersch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

In stories we trust: How narrative apologies provide cover for competitive vulnerability after integrity-violating blog posts?
Tom van Laer, Ko de Ruyter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The effects of imbalanced competition on demonstration strategies
Amir Heiman, Chezy Ofir [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward an understanding of industry commoditization: Its nature and role in evolving marketing competition
Martin Reimann, Oliver Schilke, Jacquelyn S. Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]