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Social Marketing and Socially Responsible Management, Milton Keynes, UK, 3 Nov 2010; Deadline 15 Jul

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Call for Abstracts

Social Marketing and Socially Responsible Management:

‘Changing Times, New Challenges’

This one day conference, hosted by ISM-Open, is timely given the current atmosphere of global economic and social turbulence. What role can social marketing and socially responsible management play in moving towards a more sustainable and socially equitable economy? The conference aims to bring together academic, practitioner and public policy researchers from these key areas of management research to present and discuss current research relevant to these issues.

Date: Wednesday 3 November 2010.

Venue: The Open University Business School, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

Time: 09.30 – 17.00

Fee: £40, refreshments provided

Organisers: Professor Sally Dibb and Dr Marylyn Carrigan (ISM-Open), Dr MariaLaura Di Domenico and Dr Anja Schaefer (Public Leadership and Social Enterprise Unit)

Keynote speakers: Prof. Michael Polonsky (Deakin University, Australia), Prof. Jeff French (Brunel University and CEO Strategic Social Marketing) and Prof. Roger Sugden (Director, Stirling Institute for Socio-Management, University of Stirling), and Prof. Guido Palazzo (University of Lausanne).

Sessions: Presentation sessions will be themed around the research interests of those attending.

Delegates are asked to submit an extended abstract (750 words, not including references; no appendices) suitable for one of the following tracks:

Track one: Social Marketing

Theoretical, empirical and methodological papers are invited on, but not limited to, the following topics

  • Theoretical and conceptual contributions of social marketing; social marketing models and frameworks
  • Social marketing and social change; relationships, networks and community
  • The application of social marketing to sustainability and responsible consumption
  • Ethics and social marketing
  • Social marketing as de-marketing
  • Application of social marketing within social communication, social media, social games and the internet
  • Cross cultural challenges in social marketing
  • Public policy and the interface with social marketing e.g. citizen engagement; criminal justice; financial literacy and compliance.
  • Social issues and public health e.g. smoking cessation; responsible drinking; health and nutrition

Track two: Socially Responsible Management

Theoretical, empirical and methodological papers are invited on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Theoretical and conceptual contributions of socially responsible management; socially responsible management models and frameworks
  • Socially responsible management and social change; stakeholders, networks and community
  • Cross cultural challenges in socially responsible management
  • The relationship between public policy and socially responsible management
  • Social governance and socially responsible management – who governs the managers?
  • Topical issues in socially responsible management: e.g. human rights, social justice, work-life balance, environment and sustainability, climate change, globalisation
  • Research case studies of socially responsible management in practice.

Proceedings containing the submitted abstracts will be made available.

Submission details

Please follow the guidelines provided below, and submit extended abstracts no later than 15 July 2010 to:

Track one: Social Marketing

Dr Marylyn Carrigan
ISM-Open, The Open University Business School, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

Track two: Socially Responsible Management

Dr Anja Schaefer

Public Leadership and Social Enterprise Unit, The Open University Business School, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

Notification of acceptance will be by 17 September 2010.

Abstract submission guidelines:

Abstracts must be:

  • original
  • a maximum of 750 words excluding appendices and references. (Papers may contain tables and figures)
  • References must begin on a new page, but be uploaded as part of the paper
  • Microsoft Word documents
  • A4-page formatted
  • 2.5cm margins on all sides
  • Single spaced throughout
  • 12-point Times Roman font (except for the title, which must be 14-point Times Roman)
  • Title page to include author(s)’ names and affiliation, contact details and email address.
  • Page 2 – Heading of paper title, without the name of the paper’s author or indication of their institution.

Future publications linked to the conference:

Attendees will be encouraged to submit full papers to the following forthcoming special issues:

  • Journal of Marketing Management (publication 2012, Theme: Contemporary Issues in Green/Ethical Marketing)
  • European Journal of Marketing (publication 2013, Theme: Social Marketing, Social Change)