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Psychology and Marketing, 27(7)

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Psychology and Marketing 

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Effects of brand personality on brand trust and brand affect
Yongjun Sung, Jooyoung Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The differential roles of brand credibility and brand prestige in consumer brand choice
Tae Hyun Baek, Jooyoung Kim, Jay Hyunjae Yu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Design for synergy with brand or price information
Ravindra Chitturi, Pallavi Chitturi, Damaraju Raghavarao [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Authentic subcultural membership: Antecedents and consequences of authenticating acts and authoritative performances
Michael B. Beverland, Francis Farrelly, Pascale G. Quester [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring childhood materialism: Refining and validating Schor’s Consumer Involvement Scale
Paul A. Bottomley, Agnes Nairn, Tim Kasser, Yuna L. Ferguson, Johanne Ormrod [Publisher] [Google Scholar]