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Journal of Management, 36(4)

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Journal of Management 

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The Past Twenty Years: Teams Research Is Alive and Well at the Journal of Management
Greg L. Stewart [Publisher]

A Strategic Theory of the Firm as a Nexus of Incomplete Contracts: A Property Rights Approach
Jongwook Kim and Joseph T. Mahoney [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making Things Happen: A Model of Proactive Motivation
Sharon K. Parker, Uta K. Bindl, and Karoline Strauss [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Users as Innovators: A Review, Critique, and Future Research Directions
Marcel Bogers, Allan Afuah, and Bettina Bastian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Metaphor No More: A 15-Year Review of the Team Mental Model Construct
Susan Mohammed, Lori Ferzandi, and Katherine Hamilton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Team Boundary Spanning: A Multilevel Review of Past Research and Proposals for the Future
Jennifer A. Marrone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Expertise-Based Intuition and Decision Making in Organizations
Eduardo Salas, Michael A. Rosen, and Deborah DiazGranados [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Coevolution of Institutional Entrepreneurship: A Tale of Two Theories
Desiree F. Pacheco, Jeffrey G. York, Thomas J. Dean, and Saras D. Sarasvathy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sex, Gender, and Decisions at the Family -> Work Interface
Gary N. Powell and Jeffrey H. Greenhaus [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Critical Review of Expatriate Adjustment Research Through a Multiple Stakeholder View: Progress, Emerging Trends, and Prospects
Riki Takeuchi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transfer of Training: A Meta-Analytic Review
Brian D. Blume, J. Kevin Ford, Timothy T. Baldwin, and Jason L. Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]