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Journal of Services Marketing, 24(3)

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Journal of Services Marketing 

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The service hand-off: effects of multivendor service performance on customer satisfaction – an experimental study
Chad R. Allred, R. Bruce Money [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer experience management: a critical review of an emerging idea
Adrian Palmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Services’ influence on minority portrayals in magazine advertising
Elten Briggs, Timothy D. Landry, Ivonne M. Torres [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reducing online privacy risk to facilitate e-service adoption: the influence of perceived ease of use and corporate credibility
Mauricio S. Featherman, Anthony D. Miyazaki, David E. Sprott [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Online servicescapes, trust, and purchase intentions
Lloyd C. Harris, Mark M.H. Goode [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

External equity, loyalty program membership, and service recovery
Olivier Morrisson, John W. Huppertz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of congruence in cause marketing campaigns for service firms
Donald P. Roy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]