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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 36(3)

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J Exp Psych: Learn, Memory and Cog 

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Introduction to the Special Section on Spatial Reference Frames: Examining What and How Information Is Encoded Through the Integration of Cognitive, Behavioral, and Neuroscience Approaches
Laura A. Carlson, James Hoffman, Nora Newcombe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Chunking in Spatial Memory
Jesse Sargent, Stephen Dopkins, John Philbeck, David Chichka [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Category Adjustment Approach to Memory for Spatial Location in Natural Scenes
Mark P. Holden, Kim M. Curby, Nora S. Newcombe, Thomas F. Shipley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Probabilistic Cuing in Large-Scale Environmental Search
Alastair D. Smith, Bruce M. Hood, Iain D. Gilchrist [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Mental Space Travel: Damage to Posterior Parietal Cortex Prevents Egocentric Navigation and Reexperiencing of Remote Spatial Memories
Elisa Ciaramelli, R. Shayna Rosenbaum, Stephanie Solcz, Brian Levine, Morris Moscovitch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multiple Systems of Spatial Memory: Evidence From Described Scenes
Marios N. Avraamides, Jonathan W. Kelly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Language and Spatial Reorientation: Evidence From Severe Aphasia
Judith Bek, Mark Blades, Michael Siegal, Rosemary Varley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neuropsychological Evidence for Visual- and Motor-Based Affordance: Effects of Reference Frame and Object–Hand Congruence
Glyn W. Humphreys, Melanie Wulff, Eun Young Yoon, M. Jane Riddoch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Production Effect: Delineation of a Phenomenon
Colin M. MacLeod, Nigel Gopie, Kathleen L. Hourihan, Karen R. Neary, Jason D. Ozubko [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Where Do You Think You Are? Effects of Conceptual Current Position on Spatial Memory Performance
Amy L. Shelton, Steven A. Marchette [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Solve the Problem First: Constructive Solution Strategies Can Influence the Accuracy of Retrospective Confidence Judgments
Ainsley L. Mitchum, Colleen M. Kelley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Remembering in Contradictory Minds: Disjunction Fallacies in Episodic Memory
C.J. Brainerd, V.F. Reyna, C. Aydin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Focal/Nonfocal Cue Effects in Prospective Memory: Monitoring Difficulty or Different Retrieval Processes?
Michael K. Scullin, Mark A. McDaniel, Jill T. Shelton, Ji Hae Lee [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the Joint Effects of Stimulus Quality, Regularity, and Lexicality When Reading Aloud: New Challenges
Derek Besner, Shannon O’Malley, Serje Robidoux [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Semantics Does Not Need a Processing License From Syntax in Reading Chinese
Yaxu Zhang, Jing Yu, Julie E. Boland [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evidence for Distributivity Effects in Comprehension
Nikole D. Patson, Tessa Warren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Searching for Judy: How Small Mysteries Affect Narrative Processes and Memory
Jessica Love, Gail McKoon, Richard J. Gerrig [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Regulatory Fit and Systematic Exploration in a Dynamic Decision-Making Environment
A. Ross Otto, Arthur B. Markman, Todd M. Gureckis, Bradley C. Love [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relations Between Inductive Reasoning and Deductive Reasoning
Evan Heit, Caren M. Rotello [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Relationships of Working Memory, Secondary Memory, and General Fluid Intelligence: Working Memory Is Special
Jill Talley Shelton, Emily M. Elliott, Russell A. Matthews, B.D. Hill, Wm. Drew Gouvier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Vowel Is a Vowel: Generalizing Newly Learned Phonotactic Constraints to New Contexts
Kyle E. Chambers, Kristine H. Onishi, Cynthia Fisher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decision Quality (Always) Increases With the Size of Information Samples—Provided That the Decision Rule Is Statistically Valid: Comment on Fiedler and Kareev (2006)
Sorel Cahan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]