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Corporate Reputation Review, 13(1)

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Corporate Reputation Review 

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The Use of Incentive Contracting and Firm Reputation
David A Volkman and Kath Henebry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of Direct Marketing Activities on Company Reputation Transfer Success: Empirical Evidence from Five Different Cultures
Christine Falkenreck and Ralf Wagner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding General Distrust of Corporations
Jason E Adams, Scott Highhouse and Michael J Zickar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Comparing Effects of Country Reputation and the Overall Corporate Reputations of a Country on International Consumers’ Product Attitudes and Purchase Intentions
Minjeong Kang and Sung-Un Yang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Development of Corporate Image: A Historiographic Approach to a Marketing Concept
David M Furman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]