MASSIG Lifetime Achievement Award


The AMA Marketing & Society SIG seeks nominations for its Lifetime Achievement Award

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AMA Marketing & Society SIG Lifetime Achievement Award: Call for Nominees

This is to solicit nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award sponsored by the Marketing & Society SIG. The award is to acknowledge outstanding contributions in the field of Marketing & Society. Bill Wilkie is the 2009-2010 award winner and Alan Andreasen was the first recipient of the award. A 2010-2011 recipient will be honored at the Summer AMA conference August 13-16, 2010 in Boston, MA where the winner will be introduced and speak during the Marketing & Society SIG reception. Winners should have contributed a significant body of work in developing and advancing research in the Marketing & Society, Public Policy, and/or Marketing Ethics areas. This award will be given to an individual who exemplifies outstanding work in this area.

Nominations should include a defense of why the potential recipient is deserving of this award, a copy of their vita, and references that support this nominee (minimum of 3). The deadline for nominations is July 1, 2010. Please submit nominations to: O.C. Ferrell, University of New Mexico, (electronic submissions are encouraged). The judging committee will consist of Alan Andreasen, Bill Wilkie, and O.C. Ferrell.