TCR 2011 Call for Track Chairs


The 2011 Transformative Consumer Research conference organizers seek track co-chairs for the conference to be held at Baylor University Jun 2011

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The 2011 Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) conference organizers are seeking track co-chairs for the upcoming TCR conference, to be held next year at Baylor University on June 24-26, 2011 ( The 2011 TCR conference will continue to use the dialogical (interactive) format that was so successfully used in 2009. If you are interested as serving as a track co-chair in 2011, please email us the information requested below. New track chairs and themes are strongly encouraged. In addition, track co-chairs from TCR 2009 may submit the same or similar tracks as in 2009. The track co-chairs will be responsible for (a) defining a specific theme that the track’s group members will discuss at the conference, (b) helping to select group members for the track, (c) presenting a summary of the track’s ideas at the end of the conference, and (d) organizing the post-conference write-up of ideas. The track co-chairs will be encouraged to submit short, group-written essays to the Journal of Research for Consumers (JRC,, ideally followed by full paper submissions to journals that are appropriate to the track’s theme. If you are interested in serving as a track co-chair, please email us your contact information, the contact information for your proposed co-chair if applicable, vita(s), 1-paragraph bio(s), a 1-page proposal with the theme ideas, and your ideas for the potential of a full paper post-conference write-up. Email this information by June 28, 2010 to the 2011 TCR conference organizers, Brennan Davis and Connie Pechmann For more information about this call for TCR conference track chairs, see Frequently Asked Questions at For more information about TCR see We look forward to receiving your submissions!