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Side Effects of Management and Marketing Activities, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, 24-25 Mar 2011, Organized by Martin Eisend and Jochen Koch; Deadline 30 Sep

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BuR – Business Research Conference
"Side Effects of Management & Marketing Activities"
March 24 – 25, 2011
European University Viadrina

Management and marketing activities are led by well defined goals and the intention to achieve certain outcomes such as high revenues, shareholder values, etc. These activities may have “co-lateral effects” that confront decision makers, certain stakeholders or even society at large with both desirable and undesirable outcomes. The current financial crisis sets an example for how the pursue of individual and corporate goals can lead to undesirable outcomes. Collateral effects may result in positive outcomes as well; for instance, organizational citizenship behavior of a small group in an organization which can enforce the same behavior on a corporate or even market level. In medicine, such effects that are secondary to a main and intended effect are termed “side effects”.

The conference seeks for contributions that deal with side effects in management and marketing activities, their origin, development, and problem handling. The topic addresses a broad area of research in both management and marketing, reaching from strategic management to consumer policy issues. The intention of the conference is to stimulate exchange and substantial discussion on each issue. Therefore, each paper will be given up to fifty minutes for presentation, discussion, and comments by a discussant. Thus, authors receive detailed feedback for successfully publishing the paper.

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2010. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format to:

Submissions to the conference will be treated as submissions to the journal “BuR – Business Research” and should not be under review with any other journal. All manuscripts must be prepared in English and in conformance with BuR’s published submission and author guidelines ( Authors will be notified by January 15, 2011, as to whether their paper has been accepted for the conference. Papers accepted for the conference should be reworked along the reviewers’ and the conference participants’ comments and be re-submitted in order to be considered and reviewed for final publication at BuR. The papers should be sent either to the respective department editors Peter Walgenbach for management and Sönke Albers for marketing who will both attend the conference.

Further questions regarding the submission procedure or the conference should be addressed to:

Martin Eisend or Jochen Koch
European University Viadrina
PO Box 1786
15207 Frankfurt (Oder)

For further information, please also refer to the conference website: