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Management Science, 56(5)

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Management Science 

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Are Foreign IT Workers Cheaper? U.S. Visa Policies and Compensation of Information Technology Professionals
Sunil Mithas and Henry C. Lucas, Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ordering Behavior in Retail Stores and Implications for Automated Replenishment
Karel H. van Donselaar, Vishal Gaur, Tom van Woensel, Rob A. C. M. Broekmeulen, and Jan C. Fransoo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reality Check: Combining Choice Experiments with Market Data to Estimate the Importance of Product Attributes
Eleanor McDonnell Feit, Mark A. Beltramo, and Fred M. Feinberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamic Programming Models and Algorithms for the Mutual Fund Cash Balance Problem
Juliana Nascimento and Warren Powell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Valuing Money and Things: Why a $20 Item Can Be Worth More and Less Than $20
A. Peter McGraw, Eldar Shafir, and Alexander Todorov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hierarchical Structure and Search in Complex Organizations
Jurgen Mihm, Christoph H. Loch, Dennis Wilkinson, and Bernardo A. Huberman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contracting for Collaborative Services
Guillaume Roels, Uday S. Karmarkar, and Scott Carr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal Windows for Aggregating Ratings in Electronic Marketplaces
Christina Aperjis and Ramesh Johari [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Markets for Inventors: Learning-by-Hiring as a Driver of Mobility
Neus Palomeras and Eduardo Melero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the Optimal Product Line Selection Problem with Price Discrimination
Cornelia Schon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]