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Annals of Tourism Research, 37(3)

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Annals of Tourism Research 

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Representations and adaptation to climate change
Christine N. Buzinde, David Manuel-Navarrete, Deborah Kerstetter, Michael Redclift [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Knowledge transfer and innovation among attractions
Adi Weidenfeld, Allan M. Williams, Richard W. Butler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Public understanding of sustainable tourism
Graham Miller, Kathryn Rathouse, Caroline Scarles, Kirsten Holmes, John Tribe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism students’ entrepreneurial intentions
Eda Gurel, Levent Altinay, Roberto Daniele [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tourism policy implementation and society
Oratai Krutwaysho, Bill Bramwell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The length of stay in tourism
Carlos Pestana Barros, Luis Pinto Machado [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Life changing experiences Film and Tourists in the Australian Outback
Warwick Frost [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Studying tourists’ suitability as crime targets
Kwaku Adutwum Boakye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The ready-to-view wild monkeyThe Convenience Principle in Japanese Wildlife Tourism
John Knight [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Re-placing materialityA Western Anthropology of Sand
Godfrey Baldacchino [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trait and image interactionIn Ecotourism Preference
Robert E. Krider, Ariana Arguello, Colin Campbell, José-Domingo Mora [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Network scienceA Review Focused on Tourism
Rodolfo Baggio, Noel Scott, Chris Cooper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A tourism innovation caseAn Actor-Network Approach
Elodie Paget, Frédéric Dimanche, Jean-Pierre Mounet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pilgrims, tourists and Max Weber’s “ideal types”
Daniel H. Olsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Iconicity and ‘flagshipness’ of tourist attractions
Adi Weidenfeld [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“Home” and “away” in VFR tourism
Natan Uriely [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The inclusion of other in the self (ios) scale
Kyle M. Woosnam [Publisher] [Google Scholar]