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Journal of Business Research, 63(6)

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Journal of Business Research 

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Understanding subsistence marketplaces: Toward sustainable consumption and commerce for a better world
Madhu Viswanathan, José Antonio Rosa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Low socioeconomic class and consumer complexity expectations for new product technology
Carlos A. Trujillo, Andrés Barrios, Sonia M. Camacho, José Antonio Rosa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How the poor in a developing country view business’ contribution to quality-of-life 5years after a national economic crisis
Mark Peterson, Ahmet Ekici, David M. Hunt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing to subsistence consumers: Lessons from practice
Kelly L. Weidner, José Antonio Rosa, Madhu Viswanathan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding consumption and entrepreneurship in subsistence marketplaces
Madhu Viswanathan, Srinivas Sridharan, Robin Ritchie [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Creating mutual value: Lessons learned from ventures serving base of the pyramid producers?
Ted London, Ravi Anupindi, Sateen Sheth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building Entrepreneurship in Subsistence Markets: Microfranchising as an Employment Incubator
Lisa Jones Christensen, Helen Parsons, Jason Fairbourne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A naturological approach to marketing exchanges: Implications for the bottom of the pyramid?
Ronald Paul Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Making theory and practice in subsistence markets: An analytic autoethnography of MASAZI in Accra, Ghana?
Benét DeBerry-Spence [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fuel-efficient stoves for Darfur: The social construction of subsistence marketplaces in post-conflict settings?
Samer Abdelnour, Oana Branzei [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Incentives and the growth of Oaxacan subsistence businesses
Arcelia Toledo, José de la Paz Hernández, Denis Griffin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Village Network™: Partnership and collaboration to alleviate poverty in subsistence marketplaces
Krista Crawford-Mathis, Stephen Darr, Amy Farmer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding factors that influence purchases in subsistence markets
Tendai Chikweche, Richard Fletcher [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic motivations and choice in subsistence markets
Raed Elaydi, Charles Harrison [Publisher] [Google Scholar]