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Journal of Product Innovation Management, 27(4)

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Journal of Product Innovation Management 

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From the Editor
C. Anthony Di Benedetto [Publisher]

In Search of the Classics: A Study of the Impact of JPIM Papers from 1984 to 2003
Wim Biemans, Abbie Griffin, Rudy Moenaert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Increasing Learning and Time Efficiency in Interorganizational New Product Development Teams
Ludwig Bstieler, Martin Hemmert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market Vision and Market Visioning Competence: Impact on Early Performance for Radically New, High-Tech Products
Susan E. Reid, Ulrike de Brentani [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using Exploratory and Exploitative Market Learning for New Product Development
Namwoon Kim, Kwaku Atuahene-Gima [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Managing Diffusion Barriers When Launching New Products
Katrin Talke, Erik Jan Hultink [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Spurring Cross-Functional Integration for Higher New Product Performance: A Group Effectiveness Perspective
Cheryl Nakata, Subin Im [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Subjective Performance Assessment of Innovation Projects
Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen, Jan van Dalen, Jan van den Ende [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Licensing of Market Development Rights within Technology Alliances: A Shareholder Value Perspective
D. Eric Boyd, Robert E. Spekman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

PERSPECTIVE: Cross-Functional Integration in Spanish Firms
Mark E. Parry, Pilar Fernández Ferrín, José A. Varela González, Michael Song [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Reviews

Hot Spots: Why Some Teams, Workplaces and Organizations Buzz with Energy—and Others Don’t by Lynda Gratton
George Castellion [Publisher]

Cracking the Ad Code by Jacob Goldenberg, Amnon Levav, David Mazursky, and Sorin Solomon
Erik A. J. Johnson [Publisher]

Innovation Tournaments: Creating and Selecting Exceptional Opportunities by Christian Terwiesch and Karl Ulrich
Paulo Figueiredo [Publisher]