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Recherche et Applications en Marketing, Issues 22(4)-23(4) translated to English

Recherche et Applications en Marketing, English Edition (RAM), 23 (4), 2008

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on consumer trust
Valérie Swaen, C Ruben Chumpitaz [Publisher]

Antecedents and consequences of attitude toward sales
Christine Gonzalez, Michaël Korchia [Publisher]

Measuring second-hand shopping motives, antecedents and consequences
Dominique Roux, Denis Guiot [Publisher]

Consumers’ perception of the creativity of advertisements: development of a valid measurement scale
Maria Mercanti-Guérin [Publisher]

Understanding better consumer loyalty
Marie-Christine Lichtlé, Véronique Plichon, [Publisher]

Recherche et Applications en Marketing, English Edition (RAM), 23 (3), 2008

Craftsmen of art and their craft: the experience of authenticity and its materialization in the places where craftspeople and enlightened clients meet
Michelle Bergadaà [Publisher]

Understanding the perceived value of mass customization: the distinction between product value and experiential value of co-design
Aurélie Merle, Jean-Louis Chandon, Elyette Roux [Publisher]

The place-object interaction as a conceptualization of lived experience: test of an integrative model
Rémi Mencarelli [Publisher]

Televisual consumption experience and social mediation: the case of the Star Academy
Richard Ladwein, Candy Kolenc, Melanie Ouvry [Publisher]

Movie consumption experience and immersion: impact on satisfaction
Marianela Fornerino, Agnès Helme-Guizon, David Gotteland [Publisher]

The surprise-delight relationship revisited in the management of experience
Joëlle Vanhamme [Publisher]

Recherche et Applications en Marketing, English Edition (RAM), 23 (2), 2008

The impact of brand name substitution on product evaluation and purchase intention
Véronique Collange [Publisher]

A comparison of the effects of the first impression and the last impression in a selling context
Jasmin Bergeron, Jean-Mathieu Fallu, Jasmin Roy [Publisher]

Adolescents: involvement in product categories and attitude toward brands
Christian Derbaix, Émerence Leheut [Publisher]

Loss aversion: origin, components and marketing implications (French version)
Corina Paraschiv, Olivier L’Haridon [Publisher]

Recherche et Applications en Marketing, English Edition (RAM), 23 (1), 2008

Temperament: measurement and impact on consumer behavior
Sonia Capelli, Agnès Helme-Guizon [Publisher]

Franchising networks survival: an approach through population ecology and survival analysis
Rozenn Perrigot [Publisher]

The influence of presentation on the memorization of prices by primary school children
Coralie Damay [Publisher]

Multilevel modeling for marketing: a primer
Jean-Claude Ray, Daniel Ray [Publisher]

Recherche et Applications en Marketing, English Edition (RAM), 22 (4), 2007

Short- and long-term consequences of browsing behavior: an investigation into the leisure department of a hypermarket
Cindy Lombart, Blandine Labbé-Pinlon [Publisher]

Nudity in advertising: what influence on attention-getting and brand recall?
Éric Lombardot [Publisher]

The effect of hyperchoice on the consumer and the moderating effect of the brand: an application in the jewelry market
Fabrice Larceneux, Sophie Rieunier, André Fady [Publisher]

Consumer resistance: proposal for an integrative framework
Dominique Roux [Publisher]