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Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 51(2)

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Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 

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Surviving the First Half of 2010 Is Foremost on Hoteliers’ Minds
Randell A. Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Record Low Occupancies: Implications for Average Daily Rate Growth–Or, Oh Where Oh Where Has My Average Daily Rate Gone? (And When Will It Come Back?)
R. Mark Woodworth [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

What Makes It So Great?: An Analysis of Human Resources Practices among Fortune’s Best Companies to Work For
Timothy R. Hinkin and J. Bruce Tracey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Human Dimension: A Review of Human Resources Management Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
Salih Kusluvan, Zeynep Kusluvan, Ibrahim Ilhan, and Lutfi Buyruk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brand Rights and Hotel Management Agreements: Lessons from Ritz-Carlton Bali’s Lawsuit against the Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
Chekitan S. Dev, John H. Thomas, John Buschman, and Eric Anderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hyatt Corporation v. Women’s International Bowling Congress, Inc: Hotel Room Attrition Issues
Rex S. Toh and T. Noble Foster [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identifying the Attributes of an Effective Restaurant Chain Endorser
Vincent P. Magnini, Cristel Garcia, and Earl D. Honeycutt, jr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Predictors of Relationship Quality and Loyalty in the Chain Restaurant Industry
Sunghyup Sean Hyun [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Macao’s Casino Industry: Reinventing Las Vegas in Asia
Kim-Ieng Loi and Woo Gon Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]