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A book published by Sage and edited by Bob Kaden, Gerry Linda and Mel Prince; Deadline for expression of interest in submitting a chapter 15 Jun 2010

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A new book entitled Leading Edge Marketing Research will be published by Sage. We are searching for contributors whose work has materially advanced Marketing Research practice.

The detailed call for papers appears below.

Mel Prince
Professor of Marketing
Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, CT 06515


Sage Publishing, the leading global producer of social science/research books, has commissioned a new work, LEADING EDGE MARKETING RESEARCH: 21ST Century Tools and Practices., to be offered in 2011.

The editors, Bob Kaden, Gerry Linda and Mel Prince, are inviting articles by well-known, thought provoking experts, who will be expected to provide chapters of at least 6,500 and no more than 10,000 words (25-40 manuscript pages) in their areas of expertise. Featured contributors will include highly experienced marketing researchers from leading client-side companies, experienced consumer insights managers, executives from blue chip research and consulting organizations and thought-leading marketing or marketing research academicians.

Your Contribution

Each contributor (co-authored chapters are certainly permissible) will have responsibility for presenting, a rich, innovative discussion in an emerging area of marketing research. The article must be broad enough to fully cover the topic and the methods employed such that a sophisticated reader should be able to fully understand the underlying theory and research process and even replicate it, should they be willing to make the effort.

We envision each chapter will contain the following elements:

  • Where applicable, a brief historical review of traditional approaches that have led the research community to the need/opportunity for a new approach, which will be described in the rest of the chapter.
  • A comprehensive review of a single topic reflecting the newest work in the field, and, where applicable, how it may be combined productively with earlier approaches.
  • A detailed enough explanation of methodologies so that a sophisticated reader could actually try to use the new approach described.
  • Real world examples of how the approach is being used, works, and provides something no other tool does, or provides something quicker, more accurately or in a less expensive manner.
  • Ethical issues associated with the use of the latest methodologies.
  • Illustrations to enhance the exposition, such as graphs and tables.
  • Some footnotes, where appropriate, will be appreciated as will recommendations for further reading.

Preliminary Chapters

  1. Combining Data Mines and Attitude Research
  2. Marketing Dashboards and In-Market Measurement Mix
  3. Multi-Category Multi-Market Data Banks
  4. Data Visualization
  5. Monitoring Digital Conversations
  6. On-Line Focus Groups
  7. Ethnographic Research
  8. Crowdsourcing and Consumer Insights
  9. Listening and Storytelling
  10. Observational Research (including videography and photography)
  11. Using Social Networks to Gather Research Data
  12. Mobile Telephone Research Panels
  13. Pop-up and Interactive Surveys (including Proprietary On-Line Research Panels)
  14. RFID for Marketing Research
  15. Understanding and Monitoring Emotions
  16. New Projective Techniques
  17. Physiometric Measures of Response
  18. New Roles for Marketing Researchers
  19. Research Quality Assurance
  20. Marketing Research ROI
  21. Leadership via Analytics


  • Your expression of interest must be received by June 15, 2010.
  • Authors will be selected by August 1, 2010.
  • Final draft due December 31, 2010.

To begin your participation we invite you to visit www.leadingedgemarketingresearch.com. Here you will find the background for the book, its proposed audiences,and biographies of the three editors.

If you wish to be included, you’ll need to send us a very short description of what you’d like to write about and a brief biography. We especially invite proposals from those outside the US. Submissions should be sent electronically as MS Word documents. Contact us at info@leadingedgemarketingresearch.com.

We are very excited about this work and hope you’ll join us in sharing the latest thinking about marketing research.

Bob Kaden, President, The Kaden Company, (thekadencompany@sbcglobal.net)
Gerry Linda, President, Gerald Linda & Associates (glinda@gla-mktg.com)
Mel Prince, PhD, Professor of Marketing, Southern Connecticut State University (melvinprince@sbcglobal.net)