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Journal of Advertising Research, 50(1)

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Journal of Advertising Research 

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Editorial: Is Anybody Listening?
Geoffrey Precourt

Viewpoint: Media: No Longer the Caboose
Joel Rubinson

Commentary: How More Precise Magazine Inputs Can Improve Media Mix Modeling: The Impact of More Balanced Metrics on ROI
James Collins, David Dixon, Wayne Eadie, Mark Reggimenti, David Shiffman, Julia Soukhareva, Judy Vogel, and Britta Ware

The Value of Listening: Heeding the Call of the Snuggie
David Wiesenfeld, Kristin Bush and Ronjan Sikdar

The Power of Atlas: Why In-Store Shopping Behavior Matters
Jacob Suher and Herb Sorensen

Putting Listening to Work: The Essentials of Listening
Stephen D. Rappaport

Can Old Media Enhance New Media? How Traditional Advertising Pays off for an Online Social Network
Markus Pfeiffer and Markus Zinnbauer

Financial Markets and Marketing: The Tradeoff between R&D and Advertising during an Economic Downturn
Surinder Tikoo and Ahmed Ebrahim

Changes in Social Values in the United States, 1976–2007: “Self-Respect” Is on the Upswing as “A Sense of Belonging” Becomes Less Important
Eda Gurel-Atay, Guang-Xin Xie, Johnny Chen and Lynn Richard Kahle

Cost Per Second: The Relative Effectiveness of 15- and 30-Second Television Advertisements
Kate Newstead and Jenni Romaniuk

Art for the Sake of the Corporation: Audi, BMW Group, DaimlerChrysler, Montblanc, Siemens, and Volkswagen Help Explore the Effect of Sponsorship on Corporate Reputations
Manfred Schwaiger, Marko Sarstedt and Charles R. Taylor

What’s Up? Exploring Upper and Lower Visual Field Advertising Effects
Kendall Goodrich

Editorial Note: Be Part of A Modern Classic
Douglas West