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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 38(3)

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Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 

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Product competitiveness and beating analyst earnings target
Xueming Luo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the importance of complaint handling design: a multi-level analysis of the impact in specific complaint situations
Christian Homburg, Andreas Fürst & Nicole Koschate [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The service quality-satisfaction link revisited: exploring asymmetries and dynamics
Tomas Falk, Maik Hammerschmidt & Jeroen J. L. Schepers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The differing and mediating roles of trust and relationship commitment in service relationship maintenance and development
Philippe Aurier & Gilles N’Goala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer relationship management and firm performance: the mediating role of business strategy
Martin Reimann, Oliver Schilke & Jacquelyn S. Thomas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Great expectations and broken promises: misleading claims, product failure, expectancy disconfirmation and consumer distrust
Peter R. Darke, Laurence Ashworth & Kelley J. Main [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents and consequences of adaptive selling confidence and behavior: a dyadic analysis of salespeople and their customers
Sergio Román & Dawn Iacobucci [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sales promotions and channel coordination
Berend Wierenga & Han Soethoudt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]