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International Review of Retail, Distribution and Consumer Research, 20(2)

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Intl Rev of Retail, Dist and Consumer Res 

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The economic and social role of small stores: a review of UK evidence
Ian Clarke; Sunil Banga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Multichannel versus pure e-tailers in Korea: evaluation of online store attributes and their impacts on e-loyalty
Byoungho Jin; Jiyoung Kim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relative effects of store traffic and customer traffic flow on shopper spending
Ivan-Damir Anic; Sonja Radas; Lewis K. S. Lim [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customers on the web are not all created equal: the moderating role of internet shopping experience
Larry Chiagouris; Ipshita Ray [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Market orientation in franchise networks: a contrast analysis of franchisors and franchisees views
Claire Gauzente [Publisher] [Google Scholar]