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International Journal of Consumer Studies, 34(3)

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International Journal of Consumer Studies 

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Online apparel shopping behaviour of South African professional women: the role of consumers’ apparel shopping scripts
Bertha Jacobs, Helena M. de Klerk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A preliminary comparative analysis of 3D body scanner, manually taken girth body measurements and size chart measurements
Pinkie E. Zwane, Moses Sithole, Lawrance Hunter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Women’s responses to fashion media images: a study of female consumers aged 30–59
Joy M. Kozar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internal and external barriers to eco-conscious apparel acquisition
Kim Y. Hiller Connell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A look inside: teacher information search for personal finance instruction
Cäzilia Loibl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Who teaches them to consume: a study of Brazilian youngsters
Tânia Tisser Beyda [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Application of an interactive exercise tool: student activity, performance and satisfaction in a Household Technology course
Wolfgang Schmidberger, Rainer Stamminger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Socio-demographic determinants of gambling participation and expenditures: evidence from Malaysia
Andrew K.G. Tan, Steven T. Yen, Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

It’s not what you know but who you know that’s important: the influence of social networks on communities
Gillian Kemp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impact of national traumatic events on consumer purchasing
Leon F. Dube, Gregory S. Black [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer attitudes and loyalty towards private brands
Ronald E. Goldsmith, Leisa R. Flynn, Elizabeth Goldsmith, E. Craig Stacey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Changing consumption patterns in rural Bangladesh
Md. Motaher Hossain [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Globalization vs. localization: global food challenges and local solutions
Quaye Wilhelmina, Jongerden Joost, Essegbey George, Ruivenkamp Guido [Publisher] [Google Scholar]