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Journal of Econometrics, 156(2)

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Journal of Econometrics 

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Pseudo-maximum likelihood estimation in two classes of semiparametric diffusion models
Dennis Kristensen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Accounting for heterogeneous returns in sequential schooling decisions
Gema Zamarro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Least squares model averaging by Mallows criterion
Alan T.K. Wan, Xinyu Zhang, Guohua Zou [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Simultaneous selection and weighting of moments in GMM using a trapezoidal kernel
Ivan A. Canay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Dynamics of fiscal financing in the United States
Eric M. Leeper, Michael Plante, Nora Traum [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Additive cubic spline regression with Dirichlet process mixture errors
Siddhartha Chib, Edward Greenberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of a Hausman pretest on the size of a hypothesis test: The panel data case
Patrik Guggenberger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Axiomatic properties of geo-logarithmic price indices
Marco Fattore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Exponential Series Estimator of multivariate densities
Ximing Wu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Efficient estimation of probit models with correlated errors
Roman Liesenfeld, Jean-François Richard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing single-index restrictions with a focus on average derivatives
Juan Carlos Escanciano, Kyungchul Song [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identification and nonparametric estimation of a transformed additively separable model
David Jacho-Chávez, Arthur Lewbel, Oliver Linton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

EL inference for partially identified models: Large deviations optimality and bootstrap validity
Ivan A. Canay [Publisher] [Google Scholar]