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Request for Proposals for Chapter Co-authors, for Warren J. Keegan, Global Marketing Management, Pearson Education / Prentice Hall Eighth Edition

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Warren J. Keegan, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Marketing and International Business

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April 6, 2010

Request for Proposal for Chapter Co-authors of Warren J. Keegan, Global Marketing Management, Pearson Education / Prentice Hall Eighth Edition

Dear Colleagues,

I am looking for chapter co-authors for the eighth edition of Global Marketing Management (Pearson Education, Prentice Hall International) now in its 7th edition. I will edit and work with co-authors on contributed chapters, and all interested chapter co-authors will be recognized and acknowledged in the book. This is an excellent opportunity to participate in defining the discipline of global marketing for the current generation of students.

The first edition of Global Marketing Management was published in 1970 as Multinational Marketing Management. It was the first strategic / managerial graduate level global marketing textbook. It has been adopted around the world, and is currently published in every world region in translation and in regional adaptations. In addition to Global Marketing Management, I am also the author of Global Marketing (with Mark Green) now in its 6th edition. The two books are leading texts in the field, and are well positioned to continue their leadership in the 21st century.

Chapter co-authors should be globally oriented with experience in teaching global marketing at the MBA and or upper undergraduate level, and should have a core research interest in global marketing, strategy and management.

In addition, co-authors should have a vision of the field of global marketing, and an ability and desire to express that vision in a text that will be used by faculty and students around the world to train new generations of students and executives for the challenges and opportunities of careers in an increasingly global market.

If you have an interest in this opportunity please let me know. I will send you a copy of the prospectus and table of contents for the 8th edition and invite you to review it and select the chapter or chapters that you would like to revise, or in the case of new chapters, write. You may also suggest new chapters to replace one or more 7th Edition chapters or as chapters that would be added to those in the 7th edition.
I will provide feedback and guidance to chapter co-authors who will be responsible for shaping and writing the revision. The book is positioned as a graduate MBA / upper level undergraduate international/global marketing text. All chatper authors will receive an honorarium from Pearson/Prentice Hall.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Warren J. Keegan