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Marketing Science, 29(2)

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The Race for Sponsored Links: Bidding Patterns for Search Advertising
Zsolt Katona and Miklos Sarvary [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tipping and Concentration in Markets with Indirect Network Effects
Jean-Pierre H. Dube, Gunter J. Hitsch, and Pradeep K. Chintagunta [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Channel Pass-Through of Trade Promotions
Vincent Nijs, Kanishka Misra, Eric T. Anderson, Karsten Hansen, and Lakshman Krishnamurthi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

"The Best Price You’ll Ever Get": The 2005 Employee Discount Pricing Promotions in the U.S. Automobile Industry
Meghan R. Busse, Duncan I. Simester, and Florian Zettelmeyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating Consumer Purchase Behavior in Related Technology Product Categories
S. Sriram, Pradeep K. Chintagunta, and Manoj K. Agarwal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Sound of Silence: Observational Learning in the U.S. Kidney Market
Juanjuan Zhang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Optimal Internet Media Selection
Peter J. Danaher, Janghyuk Lee, and Laoucine Kerbache [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Viral Branching Model for Predicting the Spread of Electronic Word of Mouth
Ralf van der Lans, Gerrit van Bruggen, Jehoshua Eliashberg, and Berend Wierenga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Retail Competition and the Dynamics of Demand for Tied Goods
Wesley R. Hartmann and Harikesh S. Nair [Publisher] [Google Scholar]