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Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 9(2)

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Journal of Consumer Behaviour 

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Avi Shankar, Bernard Cova, Antonella Caru [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The posthuman: the end and the beginning of the human
Norah Campbell, Aidan O’Driscoll, Michael Saren [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Excremental theory development
Alan Bradshaw, Robin Canniford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On emotions and salsa: some thoughts on dancing to rethink consumers
Paul Hewer, Kathy Hamilton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ transformations in a liquid society: introducing the concepts of autobiographical-concern and desire-assemblage
Pilar Rojas Gaviria, Christian Bluemelhuber [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Showing The art-science debate in a performative perspective
Matthias Bode [Publisher] [Google Scholar]