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Journal of Applied Psychology, 95(2)

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Journal of Applied Psychology 

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Agentic Women and Communal Leadership: How Role Prescriptions Confer Advantage to Top Women Leaders
Ashleigh Shelby Rosette, Leigh Plunkett Tost [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Once, Twice, or Three Times as Harmful? Ethnic Harassment, Gender Harassment, and Generalized Workplace Harassment
Jana L. Raver, Lisa H. Nishii [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Setting, Elaborating, and Reflecting on Personal Goals Improves Academic Performance
Dominique Morisano, Jacob B. Hirsh, Jordan B. Peterson, Robert O. Pihl, Bruce M. Shore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Computer-Mediated Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Attributing Communication Errors to the Person Versus the Situation
Jane A. Vignovic, Lori Foster Thompson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Paying You Back or Paying Me Forward: Understanding Rewarded and Unrewarded Organizational Citizenship Behavior
M. Audrey Korsgaard, Bruce M. Meglino, Scott W. Lester, Sophia S. Jeong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

When Do Procedural Fairness and Outcome Fairness Interact to Influence Employees’ Work Attitudes and Behaviors? The Moderating Effect of Uncertainty
David De Cremer, Joel Brockner, Ariel Fishman, Marius van Dijke, Woody van Olffen, David M. Mayer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Approach to Inhibition: The Influence of Power on Responses to Poor Performers
Amanda J. Ferguson, Margaret E. Ormiston, Henry Moon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Differentiating Specific Job Knowledge From Implicit Trait Policies in Procedural Knowledge Measured by a Situational Judgment Test
Stephan J. Motowidlo, Margaret E. Beier [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Alcohol Consumption and Workplace Absenteeism: The Moderating Effect of Social Support
Samuel B. Bacharach, Peter Bamberger, Michal Biron [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Would You Work If You Won the Lottery? Tracking Changes in the American Work Ethic
Scott Highhouse, Michael J. Zickar, Maya Yankelevich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Mentor Trust and Prot‚g‚ Internal Locus of Control in Formal Mentoring Relationships
Sheng Wang, Edward C. Tomlinson, Raymond A. Noe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Contextualizing Emotional Exhaustion and Positive Emotional Display: The Signaling Effects of Supervisors’ Emotional Exhaustion and Service Climate
Catherine K. Lam, Xu Huang, Onne Janssen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Daily WorkÄFamily Conflict and Alcohol Use: Testing the Cross-Level Moderation Effects of Peer Drinking Norms and Social Support
Mo Wang, Songqi Liu, Yujie Zhan, Junqi Shi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Finer Points of Lying Online: E-Mail Versus Pen and Paper
Charles E. Naquin, Terri R. Kurtzberg, Liuba Y. Belkin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Role of Proactive Personality in Job Satisfaction and Organizational Citizenship Behavior: A Relational Perspective
Ning Li, Jian Liang, J. Michael Crant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]