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European Journal of Marketing, 44(3/4)

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European Journal of Marketing 

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“Mind the gap”: the rise of political marketing and a perspective on its future agenda
Phil Harris, Andrew Lock [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decision-based voter segmentation: an application for campaign message development
Joan M. Phillips, Thomas J. Reynolds, Kate Reynolds [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The reputation of the party leader and of the party being led
Gary Davies, Takir Mian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards the development of a cross-cultural model of voter behavior: Comparative analysis of Poland and the US
Wojciech Cwalina, Andrzej Falkowski, Bruce I. Newman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Interpersonal and political trust: modeling levels of citizens’ trust
Leon Schiffman, Shawn T. Thelen, Elaine Sherman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An investigation into the relationship between political activity levels and political market orientation
Robert P. Ormrod, Stephan C. Henneberg [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The influence of promotional activity and different electoral systems on voter turnout: A study of the UK and German Euro elections
Amy Whitelock, Jeryl Whitelock, Jennifer van Heerde [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Young people and voting behaviour: alienated youth and (or) an interested and critical citizenry?
Janine Dermody, Stuart Hanmer-Lloyd, Richard Scullion [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

If Kate voted Conservative, would you?: The role of celebrity endorsements in political party advertising
Ekant Veer, Ilda Becirovic, Brett A.S. Martin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Political advertising and the demonstration of market orientation
Claire Robinson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Measuring political brand equity: a consumer oriented approach
Alan French, Gareth Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dark side of political marketing: Islamist propaganda, Reversal Theory and British Muslims
Paul R. Baines, Nicholas J. O’Shaughnessy, Kevin Moloney, Barry Richards, Sara Butler, Mark Gill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The duality of political brand equity
Marcus Phipps, Jan Brace-Govan, Colin Jevons [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A marketing poll: an innovative approach to prediction, explanation and strategy
Joseph Ben-Ur, Bruce I. Newman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]