Prediction “Science” in Marketing


Greg Gundlach requests help in identifying research and researchers studying the nature and role of ?prediction? in marketing

Prediction is endemic to marketing. The concepts and techniques of foretelling, forecasting, prognostication, etc. can be found in many areas of marketing ranging from the formulation of hypotheses in marketing research to the development of plans and forecasts in marketing practice. Thus, prediction is important to marketing research and an essential aspect of marketing practice.

Greg Gundlach seeks help in identifying research and researchers who have studied broadly the nature and role of prediction in marketing. He seeks guidance in identifying  frameworks that describe what areas of marketing involve prediction, descriptions of how predictions are developed in these areas, and overviews of the techniques and approaches to prediction relied upon by marketing researchers and practitioners.  
The basis of his interest is to help further understanding in public policy that also relies upon prediction and in particular competition policy and antitrust.