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Research Policy 

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Experimental methods in innovation research
Flemming S©rensen, Jan Mattsson, Jon Sundbo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Technological regimes and the variety of innovation behaviour: Creating integrated taxonomies of firms and sectors
Michael Peneder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Human capital, R&D, trade, and long-run productivity. Testing the technological absorption hypothesis for the Portuguese economy, 1960Ä2001
Aurora A.C. Teixeira, Nat‚rcia Fortuna [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Applying open innovation in business strategies: Evidence from Finnish software firms
Elad Harison, Heli Koski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Close, but not the same: Locally headquartered organizations and agglomeration economies in a declining industry
Pino G. Audia, Christopher I. Rider [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Brokerage in SME networks
Yvonne Kirkels, Geert Duysters [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dynamics of R&D network in the IT industry
Nobuyuki Hanaki, Ryo Nakajima, Yoshiaki Ogura [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Antecedents of cooperative commercialisation strategies of nanotechnology firms
Marina Fiedler, Isabell M. Welpe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commodification of science and the production of public goods: Plant protection research in Kazakhstan
Kazbek Toleubayev, Kees Jansen, Arnold van Huis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A taste for science? PhD scientists’ academic orientation and self-selection into research careers in industry
Michael Roach, Henry Sauermann [Publisher] [Google Scholar]