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Journal of Marketing Education, 32(1)

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The Editor’s Corner
Douglas J. Lincoln [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Stand-Alone Ethics, Social Responsibility, and Sustainability Course Requirements: A Snapshot From Australia and New Zealand
Sharyn R. Rundle-Thiele and Walter Wymer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transforming the Initial Marketing Education Experience: An Action Learning Approach
Mark R. Young [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cash for Comment: Participation Money as a Mechanism for Measurement, Reward, and Formative Feedback in Active Class Participation
Mathew Chylinski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Are Student Groups Dysfunctional?: Perspectives From Both Sides of the Classroom
Kenneth J. Chapman, Matthew L. Meuter, Daniel Toy, and Lauren K. Wright [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Educational Blogging: Integrating Technology Into Marketing Experience
Melike Demirbag Kaplan, Burak Piskin, and Beste Bol [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Historical Perspectives in Marketing Education: Justification and Implementation
Ed Petkus, Jr [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Comprehensive Analysis of Marketing Journal Rankings
Michelle D. Steward and Bruce R. Lewis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning to Click: An Evaluation of the Personal Response System Clicker Technology in Introductory Marketing Courses
Elaine Williamson Sprague and Darren W. Dahl [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shared Responsibility and Student Learning: Ensuring a Favorable Educational Experience
Jeremy J. Sierra [Publisher] [Google Scholar]