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Journal of Business Ethics, 92(4)

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Journal of Business Ethics 

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Integrating Ethics and Strategy: A Pragmatic Approach
Alan E. Singer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Constructing Illegitimacy? Cartels and Cartel Agreements in Finnish Business Media from Critical Discursive Perspective
Marjo E. Siltaoja & Meri J. Vehkaper„ [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Rational to Wise Action: Recasting Our Theories of Entrepreneurship
Laura C. Dunham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Slipstreaming the Larger Boats: Social Responsibility in Medium-Sized Businesses
Lutz Preuss & Jack Perschke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Study of Deviance as a Retaliatory Response to Organizational Power
Randi L. Sims [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Step Forward: Ethics Education Matters!
Cubie L. L. Lau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Self-regulation, Corporate Social Responsibility, and the Business Case: Do they Work in Achieving Workplace Equality and Safety?
Susan Margaret Hart [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Ethics of Organizations: A Longitudinal Study of the U.S. Working Population
Muel Kaptein [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On the (Re)Construction of Corruption in the Media: A Critical Discursive Approach
Eric Breit [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Ethical Environment of Tax Professionals: Partner and Non-Partner Perceptions and Experiences
Donna D. Bobek, Amy M. Hageman & Robin R. Radtke [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Beyond Acclamations and Excuses: Environmental Performance, Voluntary Environmental Disclosure, and the Role of Visibility
Cedric E. Dawkins & John W. Fraas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]